About US

At ADG, we offer drone hire services, pilot hire and training, repair and maintenance, we collect data and your behalf. We can do all of these combined by providing an entreprise turn key solution hassle free.

We Are


Our team strives to achieve highest quality standards within the agreed deadlines.
We make it our duty to meet budget and operational requirements.

We love


Our business model is based on customer need detection and satisfaction . Making it our priority to understand your need , adapting to it and making sure we deliver a final product that fits all of your requirements.

We are


All our pilots and operations are tested for maximum reliability and safety.
Our processes are lean by design and help us conduct missions efficiently and with low risk.

We are


We take a pragmatic approach towards our missions.
Our goal is to provide solutions that bring insight and precision to our customers decision making.

What We Do

Industrial Thermal Inspection

We provide thermal inspections with Radiometric data.
We provide flights raw data or run analysis and provide reports.
FLIR Sensors.

High Resolution Inspection

Commercial Real Estate
High-End Residential Flyovers/Walkthroughs
Country Clubs/Golf Courses

Multi Spectral Image (MSI)

We also speciaise in agriculture land surveying. We can provide several analysis and reports like NVDI mapping, Weed maps, Elevation maps, RGD analysis using AGX sensors.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Our thermal and radio metric captors work in extree night and wather conditions were visibility is highly reduced. Our aircraft is also capable of working in extreme wind and rain conditions. Using FLIR sensors

if you have any questions, we would love to assist you!